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Form Sync and the Forms Tab

Every Smart Form in Docketwise has a Forms Tab where you can edit your PDFs directly and save changes to your account.

The most commonly used Smart Forms on Docketwise ask every question that is asked on the form.  

However less popular forms, focus on the questions that are easy for your client to answer - general information, address and employment history, family and immigration and travel records - while leaving questions specific to the petition itself to the attorney to complete.  The good news is, we’ve made it really easy to edit your forms right in Docketwise after collecting the bulk of the data from your client:

  • From the Forms tab, you can see all of your completed forms and addenda
  • To switch between forms and addenda, click Switch Forms at the top of the tab and select the form you want to work on
  • By default, you can see that Form Sync is on, so that the form is synced with your account
  • To edit the form directly, just turn Form Sync off
  • Now, your form is siloed from the rest of your account.  You can make any edits you’d like without worrying about them affecting your account data
  • When you’re finished, you can save your changes or print your forms - either one at a time by clicking the print icon at the top of each form or all at once by clicking Print All

Updated: 8 months

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