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Docketwise 3 Is Coming


Docketwise 3.0 is less than one month away and we couldn't be more excited about it.  Our team has been hard at work on a suite of super cool features as well as under-the-hood improvements.  Here's a list of some of the features coming the week of March 15:

1. All forms are available as Smart Forms.  This is among our more frequently requested features.  We know our users love the ability to invite clients to complete a Smart Form, which automatically populates the corresponding USCIS form.  Now we've added this feature to every form on Docketwise.  As with all Smart Forms, these will include addenda generated on the fly whenever records such as previous addresses or periods of stay don't completely fit on the form
2. Add G-28s on the fly.  No need to prepare a G-28 from scratch.  Just indicate that you are including a G-28 with your application and the new Smart Forms will automatically append a completed G-28 to your bundle
3. Import records right into your forms.  We're really excited about this feature, but it's easier seen than explained.  Essentially, you can now import records such as contacts, addresses, other names, periods of stay, immigration proceedings, etc. right into your Smart Forms and PDF Forms.  Here's a quick screencast.
4. Reverse syncing.  When you make edits to your contact in any Smart Form it will be reflected in all other Smart Forms and Contact Questionnaires, not just subsequently created forms
5. View the USCIS forms directly inside your Smart Form.  This is a super cool feature.  Instead of a review tab just listing the information you've entered, you'll see the actual USCIS Form rendered inside your Smart Form.  It's editable and you can save changes before printing
6. Under-the-hood improvements and integrations.  Our primary goal at Docketwise is to reduce our users' workload.  To that end, we've added more USCIS forms, completely re-engineered our form filling to more accurately predict where to insert your data onto the USCIS forms, and improved our integrations so data flows more freely with your favorite apps.

We can't wait to show off Docketwise 3.0 next month!  In the meantime, questions and feature requests are always welcome at

The Docketwise Team