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Fri Dec 03 2021 2 min read

After many months of hard work, we're thrilled to announce the launch of Smart Forms 3.0 with Packet Assembly. Smart Forms 3.0 is a giant leap forward for immigration form preparation and was built on our core tenets: Collaboration, Simplicity and Accessibility.

The Evolution of Smart Forms

My co-founder James and I designed Docketwise's Smart Forms 1.0 six years ago after James helped me with my green card application.

At the time, it was common for attorneys to hand their clients a questionnaire to complete. The attorney (or paralegal) would then enter the data on the questionnaire either into their immigration software or directly onto the forms.

This double entry seemed like a waste of time. Our core idea was to enable attorneys and clients to collaborate together to prepare immigration applications faster than if they worked on them apart.

Our team accomplished this with a simple online intake that attorneys could share with their clients to enter the information needed for the application. While simple on its face, we built the intake on top of a powerful algorithm that determined exactly which constellation of forms were required for the application and then automatically prepared the full packet based on answers to the intake.

Over the past six years we’ve continued adding superpowers to our Smart Forms. A few highlights I’m especially proud of include:

  • attorneys can flag questions that the client didn’t fully answer and reshare only flagged questions
  • attorneys and clients can add comments to questions, tag each other and respond to one another’s questions right inside the intake
  • we translated the intakes into over 7 different languages
  • attorneys can combine any combination of forms into a single intake, save the combinations for later or create their own intake with custom questions

Smart Forms 3.0

With SmartForms 3.0 we shifted our focus from the process of preparing the intake to the finished product our users submit to USCIS:

  • a packet assembly feature that allows attorneys to combine forms and evidentiary documents into a single Smart Form
  • an automatic table of contents listing all forms and documents
  • the ability to share the completed packet (or any part of it) with one click
  • plus a beautiful redesign and simpler navigation

We’re so excited for the thousands of law firms powered by Docketwise to begin using Smart Forms 3.0. Meanwhile, we’re hard at work on the next set of innovations. 🚀

Jeremy Peskin
CEO @ Docketwise

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