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Learn how Hiedy Marcus, an immigration attorney, freed herself from busy work so she can spend more time doing what she loves.

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Photo of Hiedy Marcus, owner and attorney at Marcus Law Firm PLLC

“It makes me more efficient and I am working smarter, not harder.”

Hiedy Marcus
Owner and Attorney at Marcus Law Firm PLLC.

The Client

The Problem

The Discovery

The Solution

The #1 rated software for immigration attorneys.

4.9/5 on Capterra

The Client

Marcus Law Firm, located in Phoenix, Arizona, was founded in 2018 by Hiedy Marcus. A once sole-practice turned team, Marcus Law Firm handles removal defense cases consisting of defensive asylum applications.

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The Problem

One of the biggest problems for Hiedy was finding time to track and manage her high-volume caseload in immigration court and everything else as a sole practitioner. (client meetings, court visits, form prep, administrative duties, .etc).

Stakes are high in removal proceedings and as her practice grew, so did her stress. Failure to track deadlines and develop efficient work processes would result in clients suffering.

Hiedy knew she needed a better solution to run her practice. And she bumped into Dockewise.

The Discovery

Hiedy used various tools and applications to track and manage everything for her cases before Docketwise. Although it worked, Hiedy realized that her process cost her valuable time. Hiedy wanted an all-in-one solution that would save her time.

Knowing that a lot hinged on making the right decision, Hiedy thoroughly researched more viable options that would:

  • Save her time
  • Be easy to manage and prepare forms
  • Be convenient for her clients
  • Track and manage her caseload
  • Invoice clients

After thoroughly researching solutions and consulting the opinions of fellow practitioners, Hiedy arrived at two potential options and decided to demo Docketwise and the other platform.

Shortly after demoing both platforms, Docketwise became her preferred choice.

“During the first thirty days, I fell in love with the program!”

Docketwise application modules and beeing rated as #1 software for immigration law

The Solution

Hiedy noticed a world of difference in her efficiency after switching to Docketwise. Hiedy had more time to run all aspects of Marcus Law, which freed up time for her to hire her first employee!

Hiedy attributes efficiency to Docketwise’s ease of use and features such as:

  • smart forms
  • intakes
  • case management suite allowing her to keep track of every case in her large caseload
  • client invoicing
  • everything being in one place
  • Outlook Calendar integration in conjunction with events
  • notes feature also allows Hiedy to record a comprehensive account of all events that have taken place during a case’s history

One of Hiedy’s favorite parts about Docketwise is its collaboration features with clients. With the ability to send forms securely via text message and collect information within the Client Portal, Hiedy works asynchronously with clients. She eliminates a lot of back-n-forth communication.

Also, since Docketwise adapts to smartphones, her clients can take action easily from their phones.

For any other attorney that finds themself at a loss for time or that could benefit from increased efficiency, Hiedy knows that embracing technology is the answer.

“We live in a world where you need to let technology work for you so you can focus on the things you love doing in your law practice.”

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