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Time Tracking
Track your time and invoice your clients for time entries.
October 2020
Expanded Reports
Over twenty new reports to help you chart your firm's success.
September 2020
Google Calendar Integration
Integrate your calendar on Docketwise with your Google Calendar to stay in sync across platforms.
September 2020
Document Upload Requests
Request documents from your clients via text message or email. They can upload the documents right from their phone or computer.
September 2020
Searchable Questionnaires
You can now search for any question inside your Smart Forms via a searchbar.
September 2020
Advanced Filtering
Click the filter button for advanced filtering options when viewing your list of forms, matters, invoices, notes and tasks.
August 2020
Workflow Automation
Build custom workflows for your matters with automations for each step.
August 2020
Updated Notes
You can now title your notes and search for a note by its content..
July 2020
Expanded Trust Accounting
Reflect payments to third parties, like USCIS filing fees, from your Trust Accounts.
July 2020
Firm and Matter Feeds
View a feed of all of your firm members' activities in real time.
July 2020
Flag and Comment on Questions
Flag and add your own comments to questions in Smart Forms.
June 2020
Client Portal
Collaborate with your clients securely via their own Client Portal.
June 2020
Two-Way Sync
Save data into your Docketwise account directly from USCIS forms.
May 2020
Internal Chat
Stay connected to colleagues with instant messaging right inside of your Docketwise account.
May 2020
Automated Templates
Bring your Word documents to life with Automated Templates. Upload any .docx file with Merge Tags to Docketwise. Then export the document with your client's data automatically inserted into the correct places
April 2020
Expanded Notifications
We've expanded your notification options. Now you can choose whether to cc the admin on your account when your invitations to Smart Forms are updated. You can also be notified when a client makes a payment or uploads a document and when a matter, task, form, event or note is assigned to you.
April 2020
Print View for Smart Forms
Convert Smart Forms into printed questionnaires. This is great for clients that prefer to write their answers by hand or for keeping a record of their responses in your files.
March 2020
Expanded Spanish Translations
Every question in every Smart Form is now available in Spanish.
March 2020
Insert N/A into Empty Fields
Easily comply with USCIS requirements by autofilling N/A into empty fields.
March 2020
User-Specific Permissions
Admins can limit permissions of non-admins, such as viewing or editing invoices.
February 2020
Keep track of your firm's events with a calendar built right into Docketwise.
January 2020
Custom Intakes
Create Intakes from any combination of questions and even write your own custom questions. Custom Intakes are printable and multilingual.
January 2020
LawPay Integration
Integrate Docketwise with LawPay to enable your clients to pay invoices by credit card online.
November 2019
In-App Emails
Email your clients from Docketwise. Create custom templates for frequently repeated emails, such as welcome messages or status updates.
October 2019
Smart Form Collections
Save any combination of forms as a single questionnaire.
September 2019
Invoice and Trust Accounting
Easily create beautiful invoices to share with your clients and keep track of your trust accounting.
September 2019
Share Intakes via SMS / Text Message
Invite your clients to any Smart Form or Intake via SMS / Text Message.
August 2019

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