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We are lawyers, coders and designers passionate about modernizing immigration software.

Our Story

Jeremy needed a lawyer for his marriage-based green card. He found James. Now, they've set out to make legal paperwork easier for other immigrants like Jeremy and immigration lawyers like James.

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Jeremy Peskin | CEO

Jeremy is an immigrant, software engineer and tech entrepreneur. He previously founded Matchme Philanthropy, a free crowd-funding platform for non-profit organizations. He studied law and business at Penn Law and Wharton.

James Pittman | Chief Product Architect

James practiced immigration law for over 15 years. He’s an expert in the field, teaching continuing education courses on immigration law to lawyers. Before joining Docketwise, he was a private practitioner and did pro bono defense of asylum seekers.

Our Team

Jeremy Peskin


James Pittman

Chief Product Architect

Alejandro Escobar

Lead Engineer

Alexandrea Melhem

Senior Customer Success Manager

Eric O'Neill

Sales Representative

Chris Williams

Senior Customer Advocate

Hamilton Alvarez


David Mejia


German Hernandez


Eliana Garcia

Customer Advocate

Oscar Zapata

Customer Advocate

Stellan Christensen

Customer Success Manager

Katlynn Shade

Customer Success Manager

Malik Wells

Sales Development Representative

David Vasquez

Sales Development Representative

Andres Maestre

Customer Advocate

Isabel Gutierrez

Customer Advocate

Ganesh Kuppusamy

Data Migration Specialist

Burhan Din Rather

Data Migration Specialist

From the City of Brotherly Love .

We’re headquartered in Philadelphia, the first capital of our nation of immigrants. In addition, we have team members in Indianapolis, Latin America and India. Visiting Philly? Come say hi!

1430 Walnut Street, Suite 200
Philadelphia PA, 19102


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