5 Ways Immigration Lawyers Can Learn to Delegate Even Better

Five strategies for delegating tasks to boost productivity and morale at your law firm.
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If you're looking to grow your immigration law firm, mastering the skill of task delegation is crucial. As the adage suggests, you should aim to work "on the business" rather than getting bogged down "in the business."

In other words, you should learn to hand off tasks to your team members in order to give you, as a manager or business owner, the freedom and flexibility to focus on more important strategic projects. This not only fosters employee engagement by granting them more independence, it also lets you tackle higher-priority tasks.

Mastering delegation means understanding the ultimate goals of a project and sharing the workload among your team members, taking advantage of their individual skills. It's about thinking big picture and assigning tasks strategically, and it’s not only about reducing your own workload - it's also a way to prevent burnout and excessive stress across your firm. 

A study by Gallup concluded that CEOs who truly shine in the art of delegation manage to generate a whopping 33 percent higher revenue. These executives fully grasp that they can't shoulder their business’s entire workload solo, so instead, they strategically place their team in positions where they can excel, instilling confidence and fulfillment at work.

By practicing effective delegation, your team can achieve more together than any one member could achieve alone!

So, let’s delve into the art of effectively delegating tasks.

5 ways immigration lawyers can master delegation

Whether you're focused on getting more clients while your associates handle existing immigration work, immersing yourself in marketing and branding, seeking a law firm partner, or trying to simply create a better work-life balance for yourself, mastering the art of delegation is crucial.

Here are five effective strategies for mastering the art of delegation at your immigration law firm:

Prioritize tasks

First, you need to determine what to delegate and when to do so, and keep in mind that not everything can be handed off. Some tasks are strategically important and might need your direct attention. So, before you start delegating, make sure to evaluate how crucial the work is and what happens if you assign it to someone else.

Set expectations

It's crucial to establish expectations and communicate them clearly to ensure everyone is aligned. Delegating isn't just about offloading tasks without context; it involves providing a comprehensive understanding of how these projects connect with the organization's goals.

Before anyone dives into a new immigration client’s case, or really anything at your firm, they should have a clear understanding of what's expected of them, including deadlines, the metrics used to gauge the project's success, and the desired end result.

In the case of an immigration law firm, common KPIs include speed of response to client inquiries, eradicating errors and typos from applications, and of course ultimately getting a visa approval or otherwise winning your client’s case.

Consider employee skill and interests

Efficient delegation means ensuring the team member receiving the work is set up for success. When it comes to delegation, consider tasks that resonate with a team member's interests and skills, and when faced with tasks requiring specialized expertise, make the most of your team's strengths.

One example can be immigration matters that require certain language skills can be assigned to staff that speak that language. Or delegating industry research for a new E-2 investor visa to a team member who has employment immigration experience rather than another team member who has only worked on asylum cases. This sounds obvious, but in the thick of a busy work week, assignments can be made in haste, and thus not optimally.

Open communication

While avoiding micromanagement is crucial, it's equally important to create an open channel of communication where the person you've delegated work to feels comfortable asking questions and providing progress updates.

Make sure the person you've assigned tasks to has an easy way to contact you with any questions or concerns. Implementing regular check-ins, like one-on-one meetings, provides a chance to dive deeper into specifics. These consistent touchpoints and ongoing feedback can greatly improve the delegation process, and help you instill trust in your team and, importantly, make sure your team trusts you as a leader.

Have confidence in your team

When delegating, trust and confidence in your staff are essential, avoiding the pitfalls of micromanagement. After assigning tasks, it's best to give your team members the space they need while periodically checking in, maintaining a hands-off approach that reinforces trust. Ultimately, you bear the responsibility for the success of the law firm’s work, so you don’t want to be completely hands off. But trusting your team to do good work will help them feel valued, happy, and ultimately lead to better quality work.

Ultimately, delegating isn't a walk in the park; it's a skill that requires practice and refinement over time. However, as you improve in matching the right individuals with the appropriate tasks and responsibilities, your effectiveness as a manager will soar.

Empower your immigration law firm team with Docketwise

Delegating tasks at an immigration law firm, given the sensitivity and importance of each case, is much easier with a robust immigration case management system equipped with effective internal communication, task management, and other case monitoring tools. Here are some of the features offered by Docketwise that facilitate the effective delegation of tasks:

Tasks and Task Lists

Tasks and Task Lists serve as valuable tools to keep you and your team organized while streamlining your work processes. Tasks can be effortlessly allocated to clients through the client portal, ensuring they stay informed about any responsibilities they must fulfill. Additionally you can directly share tasks with your immigration clients for collaborative work that requires their input.

Docketwise Chat

With Docketwise Chat, you can maintain seamless communication with your colleagues through an internal chat system. This feature enables you to send messages to team members either individually or within group chats, ensuring efficient and effective collaboration. 

User Reports

Docketwise's User Reports offer valuable insights for your firm, allowing you to analyze essential metrics related to your users' activities. With User Reports, you can access crucial information such as invoices, payments, and task statuses, providing you with invaluable knowledge about your firm's performance and user engagement within Docketwise. Gain insights, make informed decisions, and optimize your workflow with User Reports.

As you embark on the journey to expand your immigration law practice by entrusting more tasks to your team, having a robust immigration case management system at your disposal becomes paramount. This is where Docketwise steps in.

Optimize your immigration law firm’s case management with Docketwise.

Docketwise is dedicated to creating an immigration case management, forms management, and CRM platform tailored to the diverse needs of immigration law firms, regardless of their size or structure. Our commitment to innovation, a client-focused approach, and the pioneering introduction of our open API sets us apart.

Docketwise seamlessly integrates with a number of platforms, simplifying your workflow and providing convenient access for you, your team, and your clients whenever necessary.

If you’re new to Docketwise and would like to try and see if it’s a good fit for your firm, schedule a demo on our website today.

And check-out the official Docketwise podcast, "Immigration Uncovered," and don't forget to subscribe to "Immigration Insights," a quick five-minute newsletter that keeps thousands of immigration lawyers informed and up-to-date!


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Mohammed Ali Syed, Founder and Principal
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