Get Paid Faster with LawPay + Docketwise

Enjoy LawPay with your Docketwise subscription at no added cost. Experience a seamless integration that allows you to collect payments instantly and conveniently in one spot.
- Take direct payments within Docketwise
- Credit card payments
- Offer payment plans (monthly, scheduled payments)

Easily manage payments
when you combine LawPay and Docketwise

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Direct Payments within Docketwise

Send tailored invoices to clients with an easy credit or debit card payment link. LawPay ensures secure transactions and handles sensitive data for you.

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Easy Payments

Collect payments via credit card, ACH, or use LawPay's Pay Later financing. Save payments automatically to your files and easily share customizable payment links or embed them on your website.

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Scheduled Payment Plans

Track time and expenses effortlessly for precise billing. Schedule payments seamlessly to manage client transactions.

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