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James Pittman


Danielle Goldman

Danielle Goldman

Co-founder and Executive Director


A Novel Strategy to Overcome the H-1B Cap with Danielle Goldman

In this episode of Immigration Uncovered, host James Pittman interviews Danielle Goldman, the co-founder and executive director of the BUILD Fellowship. The BUILD Fellowship is an innovative program that enables highly skilled foreign workers to come to the US on cap-exempt H-1B visas by partnering with universities and having the workers spend 5-8 hours per week contributing to the schools. The workers are then able to be sponsored for a full-time cap-exempt H-1B visa by a private company while maintaining their affiliation with the university.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Background on the BUILD Fellowship and how it enables companies to retain foreign talent
  • How Danielle was inspired to start the program based on her father's immigration law experience
  • Requirements for cap-exempt H-1B eligibility and details on concurrent H-1B filings
  • Ways in which BUILD Fellows contribute to partner universities by training US students
  • Expansion plans for launching BUILD Fellowship programs across the US
  • the Key success metrics for the program related to retaining talent and developing US workforce

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