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Khalil Zlaoui



Caseblink: Reinventing legal workflow with AI agents

This episode of Immigration Uncovered features an interview with Khalil Zlaoui, founder and CEO of CaseLink, an AI software company streamlining complex immigration workflows like O-1As, NIW petitions, and EB-1As. Listeners can expect to learn about Khalil's vision for CaseLink, how the platform leverages AI to automate legal writing and research, and his insights on the future of AI in the legal industry.

Key discussion points:

  • CaseLink streamlines complex visa application workflows by using AI for document review, additional research, and drafting legal briefs.
  • With immigration being flat fee, automating these workflows saves lawyers significant time and enables them to take on more cases.
  • CaseLink is currently in closed beta but plans to open up access more widely in the coming months.
  • 40% of legal tasks can already be automated with AI, transforming how lawyers work.
  • Khalil advises aspiring legal tech entrepreneurs to build solutions for real problems they are passionate about.

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