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James Pittman

James Pittman


Justin Estep

Justin Estep

Senior Director of Immigration and Refugee Services at Catholic Charities of Central Texas


Controversial Texas Immigration Law - Will SB-4 be allowed?

In this episode of Immigration Uncovered, host James Pittman interviews Justin Estep, the senior director of immigration and refugee services for Catholic Charities of Central Texas, about Texas Senate Bill 4 (SB4). They have an in-depth discussion about what the law entails, its current legal status, potential issues with implementation, the political context and motivations behind it, and more.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Overview of SB4 provisions, including enhanced penalties for human smuggling and new state crimes for illegal entry and re-entry into Texas
  • Current legal status and recent back-and-forth court decisions on whether SB4 can be enforced
  • Practical issues with having local law enforcement implement immigration laws, including handling asylum claims and treatment of US citizen children
  • SB4 as political posturing rather than an attempt to actually solve immigration issues
  • Negative impacts on immigrant communities in Texas through intimidation and fear, even if SB4 is not fully implemented
  • Statements by the Mexican government that they will not accept immigrants sent over the border under SB4
  • Predictions on upcoming 5th Circuit and potential Supreme Court rulings on constitutionality of the law (00:46 - 00:49)

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