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James Pittman

James Pittman


Jonathan Wasden

Jonathan Wasden

Founder, Wasden Immigration Litigation


Inside the Lawsuit Challenging the USCIS Fee Increase

In this episode of Immigration Uncovered, host James Pittman interviews attorney Jonathan Wasden about the recent lawsuit his firm filed to block USCIS from implementing fee increases. They discuss the motivation behind the lawsuit, the specific legal arguments and claims, the role of the plaintiffs, implications of the outcome, and ways listeners can support the legal challenge.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Institutional biases within USCIS against certain visa categories like H-1B and EB-5
  • Specific legal arguments in the lawsuit around Congressional requirements, fiscal law issues, and lack of appropriate notice and comment
  • Failure to provide access to evidence and data behind the rule changes
  • Explanation of the proposed asylum application fee and fiscal issues
  • Skyrocketing EB-5 fees and implications for immigrant investors
  • Role of American Immigrant Investor Alliance (AIIA) as a plaintiff
  • Potential impact on USCIS and immigration policy depending on outcome

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