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James Pittman

James Pittman


Austin Kocher, PhD

Austin Kocher, PhD

Geographer and Assistant Professor


Mapping the Immigration Enforcement Landscape: A Geographer's Perspective with Dr. Austin Kocher

In the latest episode of Immigration Uncovered, James Pittman converses with Dr. Austin Kocher, who blends his background in geography, political geography, and law enforcement to shed light on immigration from a geographic lens. The discussion revolves around understanding immigration through the lens of geographic spaces and connection, and Dr. Kocher's dedication to transparency and social justice in immigration data and policy.

  • Dr. Kocher's military and law enforcement background piqued his interest in the geopolitical facets of immigration, prompting him to delve into both individual narratives and overarching themes.
  • Geography's emphasis on the intricacy of places reveals that borders, like ports of entry, serve as connectors, not just dividers, between countries.
  • Commitment to transparency underpins Dr. Kocher's philosophy, urging a clear comprehension of immigration systems based on facts, data, and human tales

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