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James Pittman

James Pittman


Amélie Vavrovsky

Amélie Vavrovsky

Formally CEO


Meet Amélie Vavrovsky, Founder of AI-Assisted Immigration Tech Platform 'Formally'

In the latest episode of "Immigration Uncovered," James Pittman and AI researcher and Formally CEO, Amélie Vavrovsky, explore the transformative role of AI in immigration law. They discuss how Formally leverages AI to streamline the collaboration between lawyers and clients, catering to individuals with limited access to legal services. The conversation sheds light on the critical aspects of data privacy, digital rights, and the potential of AI to make legal tech more accessible and efficient.

  • The innovative use of AI by Formally enhances collaboration between lawyers and clients.
  • The significance of digital rights and data privacy in the evolving landscape of legal tech.
  • Vavrovsky's insights on the accessibility ga in legal services and the role of AI in bridging it.

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