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Starting a New Law Firm in 2023 with Carolyn Elefant

In the latest episode of Immigration Uncovered, James Pittman interviews legal expert Carolyn Elefant. They discuss the evolving landscape of immigration law, the significance of legal technology, and Elefant's journey from an energy law specialist to her pioneering work on the Myshingle platform. Learn about success strategies for immigration lawyers, challenges for small firms, and the influence of women-led law firms on gender equality. Don't miss this insightful conversation with Elefant.

Key Points-

  • Interest and Commitment: If you don't genuinely care about your cases or the client matters you're working on, this may affect the quality of your work and your overall job satisfaction. Passion is crucial in law, like in many other professions.
  • Facing Rejection: It's okay not to fit the 'mold' in traditional big law firms. Use it as an opportunity to redefine your career path.
  • Gender Bias: Unfortunately, it can still be prevalent in the workplace including law firms. But don't let it demotivate you. Your skills, experience, and determination prove your worth.
  • In Obscurity there are Opportunities: Carolyn mentioned that she worked in some 'obscure' areas in law which essentially became her strength when she started her own practice.

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